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European community FP7

Genekam Biotechnology AG has been selected for business mission trip to Tokyo, 26-30 May 2014 under EU GATEWAY TO JAPAN-Healthcare and Medical technologies. Genekam Biotechnology AG is one of 40 companies selected across the European Union.

Genekam got one project for development of Nanoassays for nanomedicine under program ZIM
GENEKAM Biotechnology AG from German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

Genekam is to take part in European Community FP7 ... read more...

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ArabLab The Expo 2014

Visit us in Dubai, UAE from 17.03 to 20.03.2014

26. CHINA MED 2014

Visit us in Beijing / VR China 21.03. - 23.03.2014

Medica Düsseldorf 2014

Visit us on Medica 2014 in Düsseldorf from 12.11 to 15.11.2014

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New Catalog 2014

Our new Catalog is now released, please download klick here

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Hard fact - is it a sign of quality and confidence in our product?

... in 2004 we had clients in 5 countries in whole year and in 2009 we served 60 countries of the world? There is a surge of medical publications where Genekam PCR Kits are being used. Is it not a sign of quality and trust ?

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Real time PCR Kits for Influenza A and swine flu (H1N1) (click here to see more information) read more...

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In vitro immunisation of human b-lymphocytes and human monoclonal antibodies read more...

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Genekam Solutions for combating SARS viruses

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Genekam 3D-Stemcell-Solutions

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Genekam 解决方案对抗SARS病毒

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Genekam-Barcode: Biotech for nature and endangered species
(A new DNA-Test to know the exact species of an animal) read more...

How to order the Genekam kits in European community (all countries of EU), Switzerland, Singapore, Hongkong, Korea, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada:
Kindly check the name of distributors on the website. Kindly order with the distributor in your area. In case there is no distributors in your area available: Kindly send us the purchase orders directly on Genekam Biotechnology AG, Germany. Genekam Biotechnology AG delivers all products to Govt institutes, Universities reknown laboratories, reknown companies on bill payable within 30 days against after the day of shipment. The official purchase order must be faxed or sent through letter. (Please note that terms of Genekam distributor can be different). Ready to use PCR Kits can also be found at

How to order Genekam kits in India:
The official purchase orders can be issued on the name of our distributors. The shipment will be from Germany, therefore a few documents like recognisation as research institute and duty exemption certificate must be provided to get the shipment cleared. The clearance will be done through Genekam´s forwarder. Govt. Institutes, Universities, Colleges, Schools, the research deparment of recoknown companies or private laboratories can pay the shipment within 30 days against the invoice in the account of Genekam distributors in India in local currency. The confirmed purchase order must be faxed or sent through letter.

Rest of the world:
Kindly check the name of distributor in your area. Please order the kits with distributor in your area. In case there is no distributor in your area, kindly contact us directly for processing your order. (Please note that terms of Genekam distributor can be different than those of Genekam.)

In case of any problem or technical assistance, kindly contact Genekam Biotechnology AG directly

Distributor list

We are looking for new distributors for stem cells, nanotools and flowcytometry.

PCR Distributor list