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European community FP7

Genekam Biotechnology AG has been selected for business mission trip to Tokyo, 26-30 May 2014 under EU GATEWAY TO JAPAN-Healthcare and Medical technologies. Genekam Biotechnology AG is one of 40 companies selected across the European Union.

Genekam got one project for development of Nanoassays for nanomedicine under program ZIM
GENEKAM Biotechnology AG from German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

Genekam is to take part in European Community FP7 ... read more...

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ArabLab The Expo 2014

Visit us in Dubai, UAE from 17.03 to 20.03.2014

26. CHINA MED 2014

Visit us in Beijing / VR China 21.03. - 23.03.2014

Medica Düsseldorf 2014

Visit us on Medica 2014 in Düsseldorf from 12.11 to 15.11.2014

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New Catalog 2014

Our new Catalog is now released, please download klick here

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Hard fact - is it a sign of quality and confidence in our product?

... in 2004 we had clients in 5 countries in whole year and in 2009 we served 60 countries of the world? There is a surge of medical publications where Genekam PCR Kits are being used. Is it not a sign of quality and trust ?

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Real time PCR Kits for Influenza A and swine flu (H1N1) (click here to see more information) read more...

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In vitro immunisation of human b-lymphocytes and human monoclonal antibodies read more...

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Genekam Solutions for combating SARS viruses

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Genekam 3D-Stemcell-Solutions

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Genekam 解决方案对抗SARS病毒

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Genekam-Barcode: Biotech for nature and endangered species
(A new DNA-Test to know the exact species of an animal) read more...

Ready to use PCR Kits (Bacteria and Parasites)*

K067Acholeplasma laidlawi    100299,-€
K159Aeromonas salmonicida    100299,-€
K216Bacillus anthracis (common)    100299,-€
K221Bacillus anthracis (toxic and non-toxic)    100499,-€
K222Bacillus anthracis (multiple genes)    100699,-€
K208Bacteroides forsythus    100299,-€
K227Bordetella pertussis    100399,-€
K018Borrelia burgdorferi    100399,-€
K197Borrelia burgdorferi genotyping    100599,-€
K740Borrelia burgdorferi CE   100499,-€
K063Brucella abortus  manual 100399,-€
K772ABrucella genus  manual 100299,-€
K772BBrucella genus (incl. 2 genesequencings)  manual 100399,-€
K226Detecting of Biofilm producing bacteria    100299,-€
K768Campylobacter fetus  manual 100399,-€
K756ACampylobacter genus  manual 100299,-€
K756BCampylobacter genus (incl. 2 genesequencings)    100399,-€
K016Campylobacter jejuni    100299,-€
K015Chlamydia pneumoniae  manual 100399,-€
K013Chlamydia psittaci    100399,-€
K014Chlamydia trachomatis  manual 100399,-€
K170Clostridium genus (incl. 2 genesequencings)    100399,-€
K250Clostridium perfringens (alpha) Toxin    100299,-€
K251Clostridium perfringens (beta) Toxin    100299,-€
K252Clostridium perfringens (epsilon) Toxin    100299,-€
K253Clostridium perfringens (iota) Toxin    100299,-€
K254Clostridium perfringens Enterotoxin    100299,-€
K255Clostridium perfringens-2 (beta 2) Toxin    100299,-€
K256Clostridium perfringens geneotyping based on six toxins (multiplex PCR)  manual 100799,-€
K257Clostridium difficile (single check) without positive control    100199,-€
K258Clostridium difficile (double check) without positive control    100399,-€
K259Toxogenic clostridium difficile (Toxin A) without positve control    100299,-€
K260Clostridium difficile (triple check) without positive control    100699,-€
K047Coxiella burnetii  manual 100399,-€
K726Cryptosporidium Parvum    100399,-€
K065Echinococcus granulosus  manual 100399,-€
K792Escherichia coli double check    100299,-€
K205Flavobacterium psychrophilum    100299,-€
K725Giardia lamblia    100399,-€
K046Helicobacter pylori    100299,-€
K714Legionella genus technical details   100299,-€
K076Legionella pneumoniae    100299,-€
K021Leishmania donovani  manual 100399,-€
K017Leptospira    100399,-€
K017ALeptospira Pathogenic CE   100399,-€
K337Leptospira interrogans    100299,-€
K338Leptospira interrogans & Leptospira kirschneri    100399,-€
K069Listeria monocytogenes    100299,-€
K136Listeria monocytogenes Serotyping (under development)    100ask
K760Mycobacterium avium (subsp. avium)    100499,-€
K032Mycobacterium avium (subsp. paratuberculosis) DOUBLE CHECK    100599,-€
K731Mycobacterium avium (subsp. paratuberculosis) SINGLE CHECK (IS900)    100399,-€
K346Mycobacterium avium sp paratuberculosis (genotyping 1, II and III)    100699,-€
K033Mycobacterium bovis    100399,-€
K341Identification of Mycobacterium bovis BCG     100399,-€
K343Differentiate between Mycobacterium bovis BCG and Mycobacterium (strict sense /non BCG)  manual 100499,-€
K038Mycobacterium complex (to differentiate between TB and non-TB)  manual 100499,-€
K155Mycobacterium genavense (incl. 1 genesequencing)    100399,-€
K718Mycobacterium genus    100499,-€
K353Mycobacterium intracellulare    100399,-€
K716Mycobacterium leprae (DOUBLE CHECK) (without postive control)    100599,-€
K717Mycobacterium leprae (one step) (without positive control)    100499,-€
K071Mycobacterium tuberculosis    100499,-€
K342Identifications of members of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (genotyping)  manual 20599,-€
K352Mycobacterium tuberculosis genotype beijing    100399,-€
K228AMycobacterium ulcerans (Burili) - single check    100399,-€
K228BMycobacterium ulcerans (Burili) - double check    100499,-€
K008Mycoplasma agalactiae technical details   100299,-€
K118Mycoplasma alkalescens    100299,-€
K048Mycoplasma bovigenitalium    100299,-€
K119Mycoplasma bovirhinis    100299,-€
K002Mycoplasma bovis  manual 100299,-€
K156Mycoplasma conjunctivae technical details   100299,-€
K041Mycoplasma felis    100399,-€
K006Mycoplasma gallisepticum technical details manual 100199,-€
K012Mycoplasma genitalium    100299,-€
K001Mycoplasma genus in cell culture    100399,-€
K040Mycoplasma hominis technical details   100299,-€
K010Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae    100299,-€
K009Mycoplasma hyorhinis    100299,-€
K004Mycoplasma iowae technical details manual 100199,-€
K005Mycoplasma meleagridis technical details   100199,-€
K003Mycoplasma mycoidis    100299,-€
K766Mycoplasma mycoides cluster    100299,-€
K767Mycoplasma mycoides & agalactiae multi  manual 100399,-€
K011Mycoplasma pneumoniae technical details manual 100299,-€
K007Mycoplasma synoviae  manual 100199,-€
K406Neisseria gonorrhoeae    100199,-€
K116Neospira caninum    100399,-€
K751Pasteurella multocida    100299,-€
K752Pasteurella multocida (Toxigenic) technical details manual 100299,-€
K081Renibacterium salmoninarum    100299,-€
K713Rickettsia rickettsii    100299,-€
K732ASalmonella sp. 100 technical details   100299,-€
K732BSalmonella sp. 1000 technical details   10002500,-€
K154Salmonella enteritidis    100299,-€
K157Salmonella typhimurium    100299,-€
K741Shigella (Shigellas dysenteriae) technical details   100199,-€
K791Staphylococcus aureus    100199,-€
K790Staphylococcus genus    100299,-€
K176Streptococcus genus    100299,-€
K178Streptococcus agalactiae (Group B Streptococcus)    100199,-€
K070Taylorella equigenitalis  manual 100399,-€
K023Toxoplasma gondii  manual 100399,-€
K098Treponema pallidum    100399,-€
K068Ureaplasma urealyticum ready to use PCR kit CE   100399,-€
K708Yersinia enterocolitica    100199,-€
K206Yersinia ruckeri    100299,-€
K243Enterobacter sakazakii without positive control    100299,-€
K245E. coli strain of recent outbreak (O104:H4)    100399,-€
K246Unknown bacteria in samples (including 3 genesequencing)    100399,-€
K247Multilocus sequence typing of Borrelia burgdorferi    20599,-€
K248Genotyping of neisseria meningitidis    100899,-€
K291Bartonella genus  manual 100299,-€
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All our PCR Kits contain primers, +ve control, negative control, nucleotide, buffers, loading dye and molecular marker (in case of RNA kit: it contains RNA to cDNA chemicals reverse-transcriptase, ribonuclease inhibitor, dNTP etc.). You have to add your DNA or RNA template to them. Our kits can be used with any good-quality thermocycler availale on the market. Our kits expire after 1 year, if they are stored at -20°C. All of our products are made in our laboratory in Germany. We can give you the certificate of German origin, as some countries may need this certificate.

* only for research use.