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European community FP7

Genekam Biotechnology AG has been selected for business mission trip to Tokyo, 26-30 May 2014 under EU GATEWAY TO JAPAN-Healthcare and Medical technologies. Genekam Biotechnology AG is one of 40 companies selected across the European Union.

Genekam got one project for development of Nanoassays for nanomedicine under program ZIM
GENEKAM Biotechnology AG from German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

Genekam is to take part in European Community FP7 ... read more...

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ArabLab The Expo 2014

Visit us in Dubai, UAE from 17.03 to 20.03.2014

26. CHINA MED 2014

Visit us in Beijing / VR China 21.03. - 23.03.2014

Medica Düsseldorf 2014

Visit us on Medica 2014 in Düsseldorf from 12.11 to 15.11.2014

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New Catalog 2014

Our new Catalog is now released, please download klick here

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Hard fact - is it a sign of quality and confidence in our product?

... in 2004 we had clients in 5 countries in whole year and in 2009 we served 60 countries of the world? There is a surge of medical publications where Genekam PCR Kits are being used. Is it not a sign of quality and trust ?

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Real time PCR Kits for Influenza A and swine flu (H1N1) (click here to see more information) read more...

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In vitro immunisation of human b-lymphocytes and human monoclonal antibodies read more...

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Genekam Solutions for combating SARS viruses

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Genekam 3D-Stemcell-Solutions

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Genekam 解决方案对抗SARS病毒

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Genekam-Barcode: Biotech for nature and endangered species
(A new DNA-Test to know the exact species of an animal) read more...


Our technology and applications:

  1. In vitro primary immunisation of human B-lymphocytes with different antigens e.g. viral, parasite bacterial antigens (primary immunisation): This technology offers a biggest advantage that one can immunise the lymphocytes with those antigens, which are toxic to human beings e.g. snake venom. This makes also possible to get the immunised lymphocytes against the diseases, which has been eradicated e.g. small pox or not present in one part of the world. One can do this method to get the immunised cells against the highly infectious agents, which are difficult to culture or there is a need to have high security laboratory. As we can stimulate the cells with killed (inactivated) agents. Therefore this method opens a new field to stimulate the lymphocytes against the new targets e.g. recently out broken swine flu H1N1 before it breaks out in vast way as this is happening at present. This method also opens a window to create entirely new antibodies, which are not known in the literature. This technology offers the possibility to create IgM antibodies too along with IgG production.

  2. In vitro immunisation of human B-lymphocytes with different antigens (secondary immunisation): In this case one can stimulate the B-lymphocytes from the blood of already exposed persons. Such application can help to create a number of applications like generating the patient specific therapies along with creating a source of long term production of human monoclonal antibodies.

  3. Once one has human monoclonal antibody. This can be used as therapeutic agents or diagnostic agents. Similarly they can be converted in the magic bullets (conjugating them with toxin or drugs) to target the specific cells or tissues. They can be converted into bi-functional antibodies.

  4. Our aim is create human monoclonal antibodies, which does not mount the rejection response in human being as this can be case with humanised antibodies or recombinant monoclonal antibodies.

Further information : In vitro immunisation of human b-lymphocytes and human monoclonal antibodies.